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May the medicine help illuminate your path.

our mission

Lamplighter Wellness Clinic is a community that exists to support personal transformation through the power of ketamine therapy. We provide a safe and sacred space for individuals seeking profound healing, offering ketamine treatment both as an invaluable adjunct to ongoing therapy, and for those interested in spiritual exploration.

We believe every person is inherently worthy and connected to all.

We believe every one of us has the inherent capacity to heal.

Following physical trauma, our bodies heal on their own, and can be assisted with medicine or surgery.
Similarly, psycho-spiritual healing and growth is our inherent nature, and can be supported.

Humanity has sought such support since the dawn of time through meditation, fasting, plant medicines and other modalities. Ketamine has emerged as a valuable tool to unlock and access deep knowing, transformation and evolutionary growth towards wholeness. We honor all paths on this journey, and seek to work with whatever sources of support our clients bring.

We consider it a sacred privilege to cooperate with the energies of healing.

May the medicine help illuminate your path.

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