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Ketamine Services

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

We offer sublingual (oral) ketamine therapy at our private and serene clinic space. KAP treatments are sessions guided by one of our therapists. Patients can expect to be at the clinic for approximately 2-2.5 hours on the day of treatment. Our patients may be referred by their therapist with whom they have an active therapeutic relationship, or they may be self-referred. All new patients are required to complete a preparatory session with one of our therapists before scheduling a ketamine treatment.

Ketamine Treatment Without Psychotherapy

This is a ketamine treatment without concurrent therapy. This treatment is best for patients with previous experience at our clinic or those receiving a treatment series.

Medical Intake Session

Prior to the first treatment all new patients are required to have a medical intake with one of our clinic physicians. During this session the physician will review your health history to ensure ketamine is a safe and appropriate treatment for you.

Preparatory Therapy Session

During this meeting with one of our therapists your mental health history will be reviewed, including past and current treatments, as well as your goals and expectations for treatment. If the therapist determines that you are a good candidate for ketamine therapy, you will be counseled on what to expect during the treatment. We require all new patients to have a single preparatory session before their first treatment.

Integration Therapy Session

To obtain the maximum benefit from a ketamine treatment, it is important to review and explore the images, ideas and insights that arose during your treatment. This session can be done with one of our experienced therapists. Alternatively, patients may choose to have their integration session with their personal therapist. All new non-KAP patients are required to schedule a post-treatment integration session.

Frequently Ask Questions

We recommend that you practice healthy habits to nurture your body and mind, ideally for a month before treatment. Doing this alone starts to create change and is part of many traditions. This will look different from person to person. You may consider practicing a plant-based diet and decreasing daily alcohol consumption. You should aim to get plenty of rest and carve out time for quiet contemplation. Be sure to consume a nutritious but not overly heavy meal the night before your treatment. For the 4 hours prior to your first treatment you should not eat solid food and should only consume water. If there are no gastrointestinal issues after your first treatment you may decrease this fasting period for future treatments. Hydrate well the day of your appointment, but do not take anything by mouth for one hour before your appointment. You will continue taking your normal medication unless advised otherwise. As you will not be able to drive following your treatment, you will need to arrange a ride home.
Ketamine treatment in the absence of mental illness may be pursued at a patient’s desired frequency. Ketamine treatment for mental illness occurs in two steps – “Initiation” and “Maintenance”. The vast majority of patients are treated with 6-8 treatments over 3-4 weeks during the initiation phase. The maintenance period consists of “boosters”, which are typically a single treatment. The first booster is typically scheduled 2-3 weeks after your last initiation treatment. Though it varies from patient to patient, the average length between boosters is 4-6 weeks.
In our clinic, ketamine is administered orally. Ketamine may also be given through intravenous (IV) or intramuscular (IM) routes.
Driving home after treatment is not safe and is prohibited. Your thinking may be impaired for up to 24 hours after treatment, and we require that you make arrangements to have someone to drive you home before starting the treatment. You should choose a driver who is supportive of this therapy and can be calm and reliable for you. You will be in a sensitive state on the drive home and in the days following the treatment. For 12 hours after treatment you should refrain from operating heavy machinery, avoid strenuous activities, not watch small children, and not sign/enter into legal contracts.
No. However, all first time patients must see a Lamplighter therapist for both a Preparatory Session and an Integration Session. At Lamplighter Wellness Clinic we feel that the medicine just opens the doorway to change. The right preparation before, and integration after, are keys to successful progress. Your therapist will help prepare you for the experience, and later help integrate it.
No. You should continue to take all your medications as scheduled, including your medications for pain and depression, unless otherwise advised by our physicians. You may find a decreased need for these medications after your ketamine treatments, however, you should work with your doctor to wean off these medications slowly instead of stopping quickly.
We are not contracted with insurance companies. All treatments will be paid for before the day of service using a credit card. There are some insurance plans that cover ketamine treatments in certain circumstances. It is the patient’s right and option to submit a bill to their insurance to try to get reimbursed.
In our clinic, ketamine is administered sublingually (under the tongue). Ketamine may also be given through intravenous (IV) or intramuscular (IM) routes.